Acoustic Assessments

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Science behind the Solution 

Acoustics play a significant roll when it comes to the comfort of your environment but unfortunately are often overlooked in the building process.  And so, many interior spaces lack the right acoustic elements for their intended use. 

The impact of getting it wrong can be very detrimental, poor acoustics have been shown to lead to numerous adverse effects from low productivity, low staff retention, more sick days, lower job satisfaction, increase in staff turnover and overall physical stress to name a few. 


At Acoustic Solutions we understand these misunderstood issues and can help to rectify them. Our products have been carefully selected for their effective acoustic performance and ease of installation, this means anyone can install them for a simple solution to their acoustic requirements. 

Acoustics 101

Like any science, acoustics is not free from jargon and acronyms, so we thought we’d lay out the basics for you; 

  • The majority of sound issues require absorptive products. NRC (noise reduction coefficient) is the most common metric to focus on in this instance. On a scale of 0.0 to 1.0 – the higher this number the more effective absorption a product will create. 
  • Next is reverberation, this describes sound bouncing around inside a room, commonly known as RT. Reverberation can be looked at as an echo within a space – if the echo sticks around too long it will be uncomfortable on many levels and lead to unnecessary irritation and stress. Therefore, the typical goal is to reduce the time it takes for the echo to completely stop. The higher the NRC the faster this echo will dissipate. 

Our product offering has varying levels of absorption (NRC) and aesthetics to suit your requirements and décor. Providing the perfect balance to suit multiple applications.

Really want to be sure?

We offer an Acoustic Assessment service of your space to ensure you have the right amount of absorption to meet your needs. This report will highlight the specific issues you currently have and offer a full proof solution as well as a handful of product recommendations/alternatives. 

Whether you want an eye-catching feature or something more discreet – we have products that suit a multitude of different preferences.

Acoustic Assessments include:

  • A consultant will visit your premises to understand the scope and measure the dimensions. 
  • A customised report with bespoke layout /solutions and alternative product options for you to choose from.
  • Cost: $195 

NOTE: if outside of Auckland you will need to provide images and dimensions of your space so we can accurately assess the acoustic requirements. Installation services are only offered within the greater Auckland area.

For your tailored acoustic assessment please fill in your details below and we will be in touch shortly

A comprehensive Acoustic Assessment will include:

Overview of your space
AS/NZS 2107:2016 requirements
Reverberation calculations
Current NRC rating
Required NRC to achieve desired outcome
Current reverberation metric
Required reverberation to achieve desired outcome
Our product recommendations to rectify your acoustic issues
A handful of options using various products and prices